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The CAB SHUTTLE TAXI offers, for some demanding people and wishing to go shopping in the streets of the city of Rome, a Rome taxi shopping service with a private driver at lower prices in the capital.

The Rome taxi shopping service is open to all women but lately also to many young people who love shopping in the central streets of the capital. With the blocking of the openings in the historic center of the city of Rome it has become impossible to reach the destination by car, so many people requesting the Rome taxi shopping service, so they do not have to worry about their car because our driver of the CAB SHUTTLE TAXI will take care of it to take you to all the shops that interest you. In a similar way you can choose the Taxi City Tour service, in this case you can visit Rome in a comfortable and relaxed way, enjoying the wonders of the eternal city.

The Rome taxi shopping service is undoubtedly convenient, just think how much stress you can accumulate in a half day going shopping in the city of Rome, or the trouble of finding a parking space near the boutique that you intend to visit. The CAB SHUTTLE TAXI avoids all these inconveniences by putting at your disposal a private driver, ready to take you and to wait for you wherever you want to go.

The car rental with driver is an excellent means of transport that can not be compared to a traditional taxi for obvious reasons. With the Rome taxi shopping service, we provide a superior car with all the comforts and a private driver at your disposal, all and other elements can not be found on a classic city taxi.

Although it is a car rental service with a private vehicle driver we also enjoy preferential lanes to travel throughout the city of Rome and we can overcome the active passages of the Capitoline city like any municipal means.

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